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Elizabeth Olmstead
Red Cross
Vipra Wine
Lipscomb University

Elizabeth grew up in Oklahoma, watching her father build a  photography business. While cameras and film were fixtures in her childhood, it wasn’t until later that she felt drawn to them as storytelling devices. 

She went to school for audio engineering at Belmont University and worked in the music industry for several years before transitioning into film, finding that her knowledge of recording served her well as she began learning skills in visual storytelling. She worked as a Director of Photography, for several years learning lighting techniques, styles of storytelling, and how to collaborate and run an efficient set. She started directing and found that it combined so many of her skillsets in storytelling.  She has worked with companies and brands like: Apple, Infiniti, Fritos, Spotify, HCA, and networks like ESPN, NBC, Magnolia, CMT, and MTV. She works on a number of projects but most enjoys documentaries, commercials, and multi-cam music performance. 

When she’s not working, Elizabeth is testing out Nashville’s many margaritas and exploring the city on walks with her dog, Hopper.


Elizabeth Holms Porchlight Director
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