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Jason Wallis
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Food & Drink Reel
Tennessee Lottery - "Coffee"
Logan's Roadhouse
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Lotto America: Jeans

Directing photography and film is a process that forces your left brain and right brain to work

simultaneously as you balance the needs of your project. If you are also able to make your subject

look divine and feel comfortable in front of the camera, in order for them to give you their best,

well then, you've achieved the stellar result of being a triple threat. 


Director Jason Wallis is a triple threat. That's how he has managed to capture beautiful moments with

industry leaders, in their element, on film. From CEO titans of Fortune 500 companies to NFL superstars

to musical wunderkinds like Luke Bryan to Olympic athletes and hard-working dignitaries like Colin

Powell and Condoleeza Rice, Wallis has shot them all and his work proves that his talent is never hit

or miss. 


 "I do enjoy the creative and technical aspects of photo and film," says Wallis. "But ultimately, I'm

focused on the relational aspect, the people that bring the project to life, whether they are celebrities

or real folks. It's just what I have always gravitated towards." 


A current Birmingham, Alabama resident Wallis was born in the carpet capital of the world - Dalton, Georgia to be exact. In a former life, he was a full time musician but for the past 17 years, he has honed his craft as a commercial photographer and filmmaker. Making 'movies' combines his love of sound, design, working with people, editing and creating a finished project. And he has been recognized for those accomplishments by The Birmingham Ad Club, three years in a row, The Telly Awards and The Addy Awards.


In his off time, Wallis is something of a foodie. On his best days, his hobbies and professional work collide, and not just at the craft services table on set. He has shot visionary chefs Sean Brock, Scott Conant and his personal favorite, Food Network star chef Alton Brown, all for national outlets. He was personally selected by country star Martina McBride to capture all the imagery for her culinary entertaining book, "Around The Table." And most recently, Wallis completed a national commercial campaign for Logan's Roadhouse. 


"Making commercials for restaurants is the ultimate combination of my loves," says Wallis. "I love to travel. I love to eat when I travel and I am always trying to find a good meal. I think my crew knows me for that."

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