Peter Zavadil

Director Peter Zavadil brings a love for all things cinema to his spot work. For more than two-decades

he’s directed an eclectic mix of memorable commercials – from laugh-out-loud

comedy to action-driven – and has built a reputation as a director with a talent for orchestrating

spots with fast-paced, complex scenarios.


Peter’s work has garnered numerous awards, including an Emmy for the Monday Night Football

National Sports spot. His talents as a comedic director are showcased in an expansive campaign

for Krystal, a fast food chain, including the spot Therapy, which aired during the Super Bowl.


Peter refers to himself as ‘tirelessly enthusiastic,’ running six-miles a day just to work off some of his

boundless energy before hitting the studio or work a long day on location.


After earning a B.A. in Film Production from the University of New Mexico, he began his career as a

producer before finding his true passion as a director. Also a sought after music video director, he

has written and directed videos for a long list of A-list music luminaries, including Keith Urban,

Jewel, Sara Evans, Eric Church and Lady Antebellum – taking home two consecutive CMA Music

Video of the Year Awards for his whimsical Sara Evans piece Born To Fly and for Brad Paisley’s

comedic clip, I’m Gonna Miss Her.


While directing commercials is his passion, Peter’s work in the music video arena brings an invaluable perspective to his spots work, and his skillful approach to translating storyboards and concepts into engaging visual narratives.


An accomplished editor, cutting his own spots provides Peter with yet another outlet for his bulletproof enthusiasm and determination to always find ways to raise the creative bar and bring something more to a spot than the client expected. He brings the perspective of a director to the session, and having an editor’s eye on set consistently takes his work to the next level there as well.


Over the last two-decades he has directed a diverse mix of memorable commercials for the following clients:

NHTSA, Krystal, Food City, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Williamson Medical Center, Wal-Mart, Goodwill, Weightwatchers, American Red Cross, Central Bank Purdue University, Indy Tire, The Austin Film Festival, EPB, Farm Bureau of Middle Tennessee, PGA Tour Superstore and many more.