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Rob Morton
Hansons (dir cut)
Better Kibble
Massachusetts Lottery
Boston Bruins
Middlesex Bank

Raised in Boston, Rob wasn’t necessarily born into the film world, but after graduating from college with a BS in Film / Communications, he hopped a plane to LA and was immediately immersed into high end productions with a few of the top commercial production companies in Los Angeles. He spent almost a decade working with and being mentored by some of the top comedy directors in the world and has directed commercials for brands like Febreze, Honda, AT&T and Massachusetts Lottery.

Known for his comedic approach to everyday scenarios and the strong performances he draws from actors & non-actors alike, Rob prides himself on his casting instinct. Finding that special something that can help elevate a character beyond what’s in the board or script. Mixing the right comedic visual language with memorable and authentic characters, which in turn nails his style of humor. 


Rob loves collaboration (truly) and exploring every possible spark of an idea or moment that will make a good spot great and a great spot memorable. Plus he buys the first round of drinks at the wrap party.

Rob Morton Porchlight Director
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