Timothy Kendall
Old Dominion "Hard Work"
Simparica Trio "Unstoppable"
CG Insurance "Password"
CG Insurance "The Grudge"
Lake City Bank - "Binge Watch"
Lays "Screentime"
HEB "Mission Critical"
Dodge - "Road Scholar"

Timothy Kendall is a multi-genre director who’s playful style of filmmaking showcases a combination of big storytelling and smart comedy with a strength in capturing subtle performances in fun situations.  Kendall’s entertainment-driven commercials hit on multiple levels using a seamless combination of narrative action, performance comedy, and visual storytelling. His style of filmmaking plays nice with celebrities and sports figures.


Kendall grew up in Arizona and now resides in Los Angeles with his family. Throughout his career he has been the recipient of dozens of advertising awards including AICP, Telly, Clios, Addys, One Shows, Lions and more.


He is no stranger to the biggest day in advertising. Kendall has directed five Super Bowl commercials in the past three years. His modest goal is for his work to appear in more Super Bowls than Tom Brady.