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Camping World flips the script, delivers BIG GAME ad campaign with an unconventional twist

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

As clever commercials took center stage this weekend, Camping World threw their hat in the ring with their “football game commercial we couldn’t afford to run”. The new spot takes a comedic approach to traditional ads with a mockumentary style similar to the show, “The Office” and is already drawing viral attention on Twitter. The company’s Chairman and CEO, Marcus Lemonis, who you may know as CNBC’s “The Profit”, has been tweeting the spot to his half a million followers. He even gave away 10 RVs to the first 10 folks who were able to guess where the spot was filmed.

Spoiler alert: the answer was Ashland City, TN, which is a suburb of Nashville, TN.

The playful spot was produced by Porchlight and directed by Porchlight’s Timothy Kendall with Executive Producer Kristen Forrest. This creative spot was written by Camping World’s Brandon Mulhall, Chris Marrs and Timothy Kendall. Porchlight was recruited by Camping World to help bring this project to life, advising on aspects of the commercial from concept to creation, and serving as both the creative agency and production company for Camping World.

Porchlight is a premier, commercial production company in Nashville, TN that consistently creates and delivers extraordinary visual content.

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