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EPB & Porchlight’s Partnership Expands with New Work for EPB Fiber Optics “Gig Talks” Campaign

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

EPB (electric power distribution and telecommunications company), recently released their “Gig Talks” campaign produced by one of the southeast’s premier production companies, Porchlight The project is a spin-off of the “Ted Talks” series and aims to educate the viewers about EPB’s internet service, which is the fastest internet in the world and the preferred internet provider in Chattanooga.

Directed by Porchlight’s Peter Zavadil with EP Kristen Forrest, the project was shot in Chattanooga’s Tivoli Theater. Porchlight and EPB have partnered together on multiple campaigns throughout the years, creating energizing commercials that challenge what’s possible for the future of the internet whether for work or play.

EPB first reached out to EP, Kristen Forrest in 2019 to partner on a campaign for “Get the Gig.” From there, Porchlight generally shoots 2-3 campaigns per year for the client. Porchlight just shot EPB’s 2022 Christmas spot, which will air in November of 2022.

“EPB’s partnership with the Porchlight team and Peter Zavadil has been nothing short of amazing,” said Beth Johnson, Manager of Marketing for EPB. “Between the fruitful (and often hilarious) brainstorms, productive casting sessions, well-oiled shooting days, and the ongoing collaboration throughout each project, we’ve developed a strong relationship founded in mutual trust. It’s a rare treat to have a director who welcomes all ideas and isn’t afraid to try something different, and maybe even unscripted. At the end of the day, our award-winning results speak for themselves.”

“We’re like a big family now,” said Kristen Forrest, Executive Producer at Porchlight. “We all look forward to our monthly chats and planning meetings, and it is so gratifying to see the end results of our partnership. Because EPB handles all their marketing in-house, we work together to create the concepts, write the scripts, draw the storyboards and plan the pitch to the EPB Marketing heads. Director, Peter Zavadil is the glue that keeps us all together and keeps us all laughing! We couldn’t do this without him!”

“EPB is the best example of a ‘perfect client’…we are truly a tightly knit team,” said Director Peter Zavadil “Diving into the creative process with abject enthusiasm and vision, there are open minds and lots of laughter. I would walk through hell in a gasoline suit to deliver the best work for them I possibly can!”

Watch one of the spots from the Gig Talks Campaign here and stay tuned for more EPB commercials in partnership with Porchlight.


Porchlight is a premier, commercial production company in Nashville, TN that consistently creates and delivers extraordinary visual content.


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