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The game was slow, but at least the Super Bowl commercials were good.

Timothy Kendall's Double Super Bowl Debut

Congratulations to Porchlight Director Timothy Kendall, who had two Super Bowl commercials featured during Sunday's big game. Kendall directed Mr. Peanut’s game day commercial with Vayner Media that featured Alex Rodriguez and Charlie Sheen. He also directed the Skechers commercial with Siltanen & Partners that showcased Pro Football Legend, Tony Romo.

Both commercials have received stellar press coverage and were highlighted on many of the top Super Bowl commercial lists.


Timothy resides in Los Angeles where he has been professionally directing television commercials for 15 years. His commercials are known for a stylized use of action, comedy, and visual storytelling and sometimes include an eclectic mix of celebrities and sports figures.

Contact to learn more about Timothy's work with Porchlight.


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